Using your non DAW software for sound design

       What I mean by using non DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) is creating the sound for your project directly in your animation/visual effects software. First off, if you’ve made an animation in Cinema 4D, you can’t really edit sound, so you’re going to have to render it out to Soundtrack Pro, or Adobe Audition, or similar programs. I prefer these to Logic or Pro Tools because they are designed to work with videos, whereas Logic and Pro Tools aren’t made to work with videos.
There are only three reasons I see to edit the audio directly in After Effects, or other visual effects softwares, otherwise you are better off using DAW. Firstly, you have to get the project done within 5-10 minutes, there is no time to push your project out and continue in another program. Secondly, if you are using “stock sound effects” such as Video Copilots Designer Sound FX, and creating an effect using Trapcode Particular (or similar plug-ins) and you need to fit the effect to the “Woosh”, “Explosion”, etc…sound, it would be a lot easier to have the sound directly in your project when you make this effect, rather than go back and add it in when you are adding the rest of the sound for your scene. Thirdly, it is beneficial to use sound directly in After Effects, because if your whole project was created around a sound track, there no reason not to export your project without the sound you were using.
Other than those three reasons, you have a lot more control with your sound if you make it with an audio dedicated program. So, why not take a little extra time and get a better final result? Use your DAW (digital audio workstations)! …if you have one.


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