“Smiley Face” EQ

I am very picky when I listen to music, I always want to adjust the EQ (equalizer) whenever I can, whether it be an iPod, car stereo, TV, surround sound system, etc… I always start by adjusting the EQ to what others and I call “Smiley Face” EQ. What that means is raising the High frequency range and the Low frequency range, while keeping the Mid range frequencies where they are, giving a U or “smiley face” shape to your EQ. I find this is the best place to start when trying to find a decent EQ adjustment on any system for any music style. On an iPod this would be under the preset “rock” in your EQ settings. Try it out and see if you enjoy your music even more, this should give a fuller sound to the bass and a crisper sound to the treble.


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