Audio Panning

After you get your animation/movie/video rendered and touched up normally your going to want to add sound. A lot of animations use a song or soundtrack now days and don’t add sound FXs. Adding sound FXs can be an annoying task after you’ve just spent 5+ hours creating an animation but it is well worth it to put a little time into adding sound FX. One simple edit that goes a long way is audio panning (shifting the audio more to the left or right channel instead of keeping it centered). Most programs now days will let you do surround 5.1 speaker panning too. What this means is if you have something break on the right side of your animation, pan a “breaking” sound a little bit to the right speaker instead of just having the sound play evenly out both speakers. This will create a much more realistic feel as the sounds are heard more like they would be in real life.

Here is an amazing example of what you can do with audio panning. (You have to close your eyes and use headphones for this to work.)


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