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If you are building a CGI scene in Cinema 4D or other programs, to composite into a real life scene, then you are going to need an HDRI image. An HDRI image can be used  in your CGI program to allow you to have light and reflection of the real life scene which is very important in making your composite realistic. An HDRI image is a full 360 panoramic shot of the area of the scene that you are compositing, most well done HDRI shot are done with very expensive camera, but it may be hard to tell that you used a $1 iPhone app for your HDRI image if you do it right. I was going to explain the technique I used but as I was browsing the internet I found that on GreyScaleGorilla’s website there was already a detailed tutorial on how to do this. So instead of just re-doing an already explained technique here is the link 360 Panorama HDRI.


I’m sure if you’ve made a couple projects in After Effects (AE) you’ve used Photoshop to edit an image to be used in your AE project. What I think a lot of people don’t think of is creating an image in AE for Photoshop. With all the tools AE has, if you’re looking to create a mind blowing image and you’re stuck, why not turn to AE and create something to add onto your current Photoshop project. I’ve always thought about doing something like this and I just so happen to glance at Video Copilot’s web site today and saw an article about this exact topic. Also Video Copilot has made a plugin that makes it extremely simple to take a frame from AE into Photoshop. Link for plugin COPY and PASTE. It copies the frame to your clipboard so you can paste it into Photoshop. This is the Video Copilots ARTICLE.

RSS feed have saved me so much hassle checking different websites everyday for new content. If I like what a website is posting then I add it to my RSS feed, this way I will know when there is a new post and I won’t waste my time checking the website when there isn’t a new post. What I use is a RSS reader called RSS Menu found in the apps store or here This allows you to see directly on your desktop if your favorite websites have posted something new. I thought I would also share the current feed I have, google the names most have pretty interesting stuff to glance over. (I normally follow a new website every week.)