360 Panorama for HDRI Images

If you are building a CGI scene in Cinema 4D or other programs, to composite into a real life scene, then you are going to need an HDRI image. An HDRI image can be used  in your CGI program to allow you to have light and reflection of the real life scene which is very important in making your composite realistic. An HDRI image is a full 360 panoramic shot of the area of the scene that you are compositing, most well done HDRI shot are done with very expensive camera, but it may be hard to tell that you used a $1 iPhone app for your HDRI image if you do it right. I was going to explain the technique I used but as I was browsing the internet I found that on GreyScaleGorilla’s website there was already a detailed tutorial on how to do this. So instead of just re-doing an already explained technique here is the link 360 Panorama HDRI.


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