Monthly Archives: January 2012

If you’re looking to do Macro photography a real macro lens can be really expensive. What I found to avoid spending $500 plus on another lens is a Macro Extension Tube Set by Fotodiox for only $15. It attaches directly to the camera extending the distance your lens is from the shutter, this allows ¬†you to get objects in focus pretty much as close as you can get your camera to the object. Here is a photo I took about 1cm away from these fake flowers, I am also using a Ring Light which is recommended when shooting macro with a tube extension because your aperture is push way up which really darkens a shoot.


New Camera the Canon 60D, the old camera was an 8 year old Canon rebel. Best noticeable difference so far are high ISO levels have a lot less noticeable noise on the new camera, and the new camera also came with a stabilized lens which is extremely useful in low light so you can shoot at slower shutter speed while still avoiding camera shake.This also helps avoid the “camera flash” look that can ruin any good photo.