Pretty cool video I found on Abduzeedo, good soundtrack to accompany the video too!


New Camera the Canon 60D, the old camera was an 8 year old Canon rebel. Best noticeable difference so far are high ISO levels have a lot less noticeable noise on the new camera, and the new camera also came with a stabilized lens which is extremely useful in low light so you can shoot at slower shutter speed while still avoiding camera shake.This also helps avoid the “camera flash” look that can ruin any good photo.

Final Cut Pro has been one of the industry‚Äôs standard video editors for a while, but now there is Final Cut Pro X (aka iMovie Pro). Apple recently released Final Cut Pro X, and totally remade the interface. Final Cut has been turned into just an advance version of iMovie. Final Cut has taken itself off the leading edge of video editors. My prediction now is that Adobe Premier Pro will be adopted by most of Final Cut’s long time users, and become a new industry standard.

Here is a little clip showing just how good Final Cut Pro X really is: