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RSS feed have saved me so much hassle checking different websites everyday for new content. If I like what a website is posting then I add it to my RSS feed, this way I will know when there is a new post and I won’t waste my time checking the website when there isn’t a new post. What I use is a RSS reader called RSS Menu found in the apps store or here This allows you to see directly on your desktop if your favorite websites have posted something new. I thought I would also share the current feed I have, google the names most have pretty interesting stuff to glance over. (I normally follow a new website every week.)

There are a couple of reasons why I have chosen YouTube over Vimeo (for now). I hate nothing more than poor quality audio, and if I can stream a video in HD it not only allows for better video quality, but also allows for higher audio quality to be streamed along with the HD video. This is one of the main reasons why I like YouTube’s option of watching in 720p or 1080p. Obviously it is nicer to watch a video in 1080p (if you have the option) rather than in 720p, but in those cases where you have a lower download speed due to a slow internet connection, the fall back 720p is a nice option so that you aren’t stuck waiting around for your video to buffer. However, you can still get pretty great quality in 720p. Vimeo also charges to upload more than 1 HD video a week whereas on Youtube everything is free. To be honest, I much prefer the playback appearance of the Vimeo player rather than that of YouTube, not to mention the higher advertisement flooding on YouTube…. But in the end why not both? They’re free…basically!

Firefox not displaying tif. images, not that much of a hassle considering they take much longer to load than a jpg. You can get a plug-in that allows it, but still why not just allow tif.’s to be displayed? Safari does!